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CO2 junior kit
Aquatic Nature

 - the CO2 junior kit enables you to supply CO2 with utmost precision to all aquariums( even nano ) with a content of 10 - 250 liters

 - it's unique design , with a very precise regulation , guarantees easy handling with optimal results

 - the CO2 junior kit is the ideal entrance into the world of aqua-scaping included in each CO2 junior kit is a 50-plant chart , instructing the plant position , light needs , temperature , pH , and advice for optimum fertilizing


Aquatic Nature CO2 junior kit Aquatic-Nature


CO2 junior kit


inhoud : 1 x CO2 cartridge 80 gr

             1 x pressure regulator and manometer

             1 x bottle support

             1 x bubble-counter with suckers

             1 x check-valve with suckers

             1 x 0,75 m special CO2 tubing

             1 x ceramic diffusor with elbow and suckers

             1 x CO2 visual test

             1 x aqua-plant 24 activator daily fertilizer 10 ml

             1 x instruction sheet for waterplants